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2 Day Charter

2 day charter / PATRIOT

 Patriot is a gorgeous yacht that just happens to be a charter boat. For up to 6 ppl.  Spend 2 days and one night on charter boat PATRIOT fishing the gorgeous GULF OF MEXICO! Witness sunrises on the water for 2 mornings and a sunset the first night and experience the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature without any obstructions of land life! 

     There are 4 comfy bunks down below and a HUGE salon (living room) with a large sectional, a separate standard couch, a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink, a galley kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and sink and lastly a dining table with plenty of wrap around seating for meals.

     We will depart around 4 am on day one and be back at the marina by 6 pm on day 2.  We are able to fish "per person / per day" limits for 2 days!! We will be targeting multiple species in much deeper water such as Grouper  and Snapper (several species of both will be in season)  Mahi Mahi,  Cobia, Sail fish and Amberjack (when in season) plus many more without the ride back in to the dock in between!  Available June, July and August ONLY.

     You bring on the boat:            Food and drinks adequate for number of people in your group for 2 full days in a cooler or two (YES- Alcohol is allowed), other personal things needed for 2 days on the water. For example: a change of clothes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, pillow and blanket for each person.

Your sea sick prevention (meds, patch ect.) is recommended but not provided by us nor is it on the boat.

     We must have 2 days in a row available to book this trip.  BOOKING EARLY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Call now!!  850-527-2455

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